Tech Layoffs in 2024: Cisco, Microsoft, SAP, eBay, and More

It's been a year of flux for the tech industry, with a mixed picture of hiring and layoffs as companies grapple with economic uncertainty and the aftermath of a pandemic boom. Here's a roundup of the major layoffs we've seen so far in 2024.

Layoffs in 2024:

  • Dell: Dell Technologies plans to cut as many as 13,000 jobs throughout the year. In February, the company laid off 6,650 workers, though it's unclear whether these were included in the 2023 cuts.
  • Cisco: The company cut 4,200 jobs, or 5% of its workforce, in February. Cisco also hinted at further layoffs in 2023.
  • DocuSign: The workflow company laid off 440 staff, or 6% of its workforce, in February.
  • Microsoft: In January, Microsoft cut 1,900 jobs from its gaming division, including staff from its newly acquired Activision Blizzard business.
  • SAP: In January, SAP said 8,000 roles were to be impacted by a refocus on generative AI, though the company also said many of the impacts would be via voluntary leave.
  • eBay: The online retailer cut nearly 1,000 jobs, or 10% of its workforce, in January.
  • Google/Alphabet: In January, the company cut a few hundred staff from its ad sales team and its Fitbit, Pixel, and digital voice assistant teams. Since Alphabet's last major round of layoffs in January 2023, when it let 12,000 people go, the company has axed hundreds of additional employees from its engineering, hardware, and digital assistant teams.
  • Twilio: In December, Twilio laid off between 300 and 400 workers, its third major staff reduction in the past year. Most of the cuts impacted the company's sales teams.
  • Broadcom: In December, after its acquisition of VMware, Broadcom laid off 1,200 VMware employees.
  • Nokia: Nokia plans to cut as many as 14,000 jobs in the wake of slowed demand for 5G equipment. The company also reported a 20% decline in Q3 2023 sales and a 69% profit drop over the same period.
  • Splunk: In December, the network management vendor laid off 560 staff, the majority of which were in the US The layoffs were unrelated to Splunk's pending acquisition by Cisco, according to the company.
  • Airtable: In September, Airtable let go of 237 employees, or 27% of its workforce. This was the company's second staff reduction in nine months.
  • Alphabet/Google: In September, Alphabet laid off hundreds of employees on its recruiting team to trade them for tech talent.
  • SecureWorks: In August, the cybersecurity company laid off 300 staff, or 15% of its workforce. This was the company's second round of layoffs this year.
  • Stack Overflow: In October, the coding website laid off 28% of its workforce, replacing them with AI-driven coding assistants.

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