Tesla and staffing agency accused of gender discrimination in new lawsuit

According to a recent lawsuit, a former employee is alleging that Tesla and Indeed Flex are guilty of allowing gender discrimination to occur while she was working at the electric vehicle company.

Gigi Hayes, the plaintiff in the case, worked at Tesla through a staffing agencyIndeed Flex. While on the job in 2022, Hayes alleges that another employee at the company made numerous derogatory remarks about her sexual orientation and religious beliefs. When Hayes reported the incident to human resources, she was allegedly met with retaliation and ultimately fired from her position.

The lawsuit claims that the reasons for her termination were merely a pretext, and the real reason for her dismissal was due to reporting the initial incident of discrimination. Furthermore, the lawsuit argues that Hayes was terminated due to her gender.

This is not the first time that Tesla has faced allegations of workplace discrimination. Notably, last year, a Black former worker won a racial harassment lawsuit against the company, which resulted in a 3.2 million dollar payout.

Additionally, a judge recently ruled that a class-action lawsuit alleging racial discrimination against Tesla can proceed, which allows up to 6,000 Black employees who worked at the company since 2016 to sue collectively.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has also faced similar allegations at his other companies, X and SpaceX. Both companies have been accused of discriminating against women and refuges, respectively.

At this point, PCMag has reached out to both Tesla and Indeed Flex for a comment on the lawsuit but has not yet received a response from either company.

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