The 10 Strangest and Creepiest Wooden Idols Ever Discovered

The 10 creepiest wooden idols:

  1. Shigir Idol- The oldest wooden sculpture in the world, with a haunting face and intricate geometric designs, dating back to 12,000 years ago.
  2. Dagenham Idol- A wooden statue with an ambiguous gender, possibly damaged eye, and a large phallic symbol, suggesting a connection to fertility rites of the Bronze Age.
  3. Broddenbjerg Idol- An imposing figure with a disproportionately large penis, believed to be an ithyphallic statue from around 530 BC.
  4. Ballachulish Figure- A nearly life-size wooden statue of a woman with a haunting stare, found in Scotland and dating back to around 600 BC.
  5. Wittemoor Figures- A group of wooden figures found in a bog, some with visible vulvas, possibly representing spirits or protectors of the bog's walkway.
  6. Gortnacrannagh Idol- A tall idol with a head and deep gouges on the chest, dating from the 3rd to 5th century AD, possibly abandoned as the site was abandoned as people converted to Christianity.
  7. Roman Figure- A rare Roman-era wooden statue, with a distinctive style of clothing and hairstyle, dating back to around AD 60, found during construction of a high-speed railway line.
  8. Ralaghan Idol- A statue found in a bog, possibly placed in the same way sacrificed humans were, with a strongly modeled face and ambiguous genitalia.
  9. Roos Carr Figures- A cache of wooden figures with detachable penises, found in England and dating back to around 2500 years ago.
  10. Shigir Idol- The oldest wooden sculpture in the world, with a flat, rectangular design and intricate geometric patterns, dating back to around 12,000 years ago.

These wooden idols offer a glimpse into the religious and symbolic beliefs of ancient cultures, showcasing the diversity and intrigue of ancient art and religious practices.

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