The 100 Fights That Shaped Action Cinema

Introduction: Action cinematography has a long and winding history of portraying fights on screen in many different ways. From the early days of silent films to modern computer-generated imagery, the presentation of fights has evolved while retaining its core emphasis on showcasing combat. These are The 100 fights that shaped action cinema by establishing new standards for fighting, inspiring future filmmakers, or leaving a lasting influence.

Entry 1: The Corbett-Fitzsimmons Fight (1897) This historic fight was the first to be captured on film and exhibited to the public, marking the first time a sporting event was recorded and played in theaters. The fight lasted between 71 and 100 minutes and made more money from ticket sales to view the fight in theaters than from the fight itself.

Entry 2: The Fight Before American Graffiti (1973) Although it is not the main event of the coming-of-age story, the fight scene in American Graffiti is memorable for its energy and music. It perfectly encapsulates the hormonal rage of teenage boys.

Entry 3: The Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-2003) The epic fantasy adventure trilogy features a variety of fights, including the epic Battle of Helm's Deep, which has a staggering scale and detail. These fights inspired many fantasy battles in television and cinema.

Entry 4: The Fighting sequencing in Anchorman (2004) The fight scene in Anchorman is memorable for its absurdity and fun. It showcases a bunch of journalists fighting each other after consuming too much bull serum.

Entry 5: Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004) The fight scene in this romantic comedy is memorable for its humor. Bridget Jones Publicizes a fight between a journalist and her love interest to boost newsstand sales.

Entry 6: 300 (2006) This movie's stylized combat and slow-motion shooting created a new subgenre of combat cinema. It captures the epic grandeur of battles and the glory of heroism in combat.

Entry 7: The fighting sequence in Superbad (2007) The unforgettable chaotic and hilarious fight between the main characters and the police officers in this coming-of-age comedy.

Entry 8: The Immigrant (2013) The climactic fight scene of this drama film is a powerful and emotional portrayal of a runaway bride fighting for her future.

Entry 9: John Wick (2014) The revolutionary close-quarter fight scene in this action thriller sets a new standard for the action genre. It features a stellar performance from the main actor and a highly innovative and stylized fight choreography.

Entry 10: Creed (2015) This fight scene showcases a powerful message about the symbolism of boxing and legacy. It focuses on a struggle of a not-so-young fighter who wants to prove himself and challenges the undefeated heavyweight champion.

Entry 11: Deadpool (2016) This fight scene is a hilarious and outrageous third-act combatant that perfectly complements the film's crude humor.

Entry 12: Wonder Woman (2017) This movie's No Man's Land sequence is a powerful and inspirational battle that shows the protagonist's journey to discover her true strengths and become a hero.

Entry 13: The action sequence in Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018) This heart-stopping chase sequence through Paris showcases breathless action choreography and practical effects.

Entry 14: Parasite (2019) This dramatic climax of the parasitic thriller shows the raw physical and emotional power of the protagonist as he fights to save his own life.

Entry 15: The sequence of the battle of Winterfell in Game of Thrones (2019) This epic battle is the largest ever created for television, with more than 1000 extras and the use of innovative technology.

Entry 16: The Battle of Shangri-La in Malignant (2021) This climactic fight scene of the horror movie is a wild, psychedelic, and mesmerizing sequence that will leave you shocked. Overall, fights in movies have evolved dramatically over time, from the early days of silent films to the present day of computer-generated imagery and advanced combat choreography. Throughout the years, fights have provided audiences with a range of emotions, from laughter to tears, and have established new standards for making fights in cinema. Cue dramatic music.

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