The 20 Most Trustworthy Crypto Exchanges

Forbes has released its rankings for the most trustworthy crypto exchanges of 2024, with Coinbase leading the list. After the well-publicized failures and scandals of the last year, the authors note that exchanges are now prioritizing transparency and regulatory compliance. They excluded Binance and Bitmex from the list due to their legal and regulatory issues and instead prioritized exchanges that were compliant, solvent, and secure.

Of the remaining 20 companies, CME Group, and Robinhood topped the list, with the former trading derivatives and the latter offering free crypto transactions. Other companies, such as Bitstamp, Upbit, Derbit,, Kraken, and Fidelity, also made the list. The authors note that regulatory oversight and financial law are the reasons for the robust regulation of the US-based exchanges. In contrast, nations like Germany, Japan, the UAE, and others are taking steps to ban bad actors and create disclosure requirements and consumer protections.

Overall, the crypto market is on an upward trend, with a doubling in the price of bitcoin and the introduction of spot bitcoin ETFs. As a result, crypto marketplaces are becoming more serious about regulation to restore trust with consumers.

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Prospective observational study of peripheral intravenous cannula utilisation and frequency of intravenous fluid delivery in the emergency department: convenience or necessity?

Introduction Over one billion peripheral intravenous cannulas (PIVCs) are inserted worldwide each year. Insertion of PIVCs is associated with pain, phlebitis, occlusion, and medication extravasation as well as the risk of catheter-associated infection, with an associated cost to departmental resources. Previous studies have not assessed if intravenous (IV) fluid delivery