The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures finally adds exhibit on men who created Hollywood, but trashes them

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, run by the same leftist loons currently driving the Oscars into the dirt, initially refused to acknowledge the men who created Hollywood. After numerous complaints, the museum finally added an exhibit on the topic, but spends most of its space trashing them using words like "frugal," "nepotistic," "harmful," "womanizing," "oppressive," "brash," "tyrant," "cynical," "white-washed," and "predator." The exhibit on Hollywood's founders shows them as villains, while the rest of the museum shows the victims. John Nolte says it's just another example of the left eating itself, where Hollywood's founders have been guilty in the eyes of the woke mob of three unpardonable sins: they are male, white, and Jewish.

The exhibit includes the work of early 20th century Black motion picture pioneer Oscar Micheaux, Asian martial arts legend Bruce Lee, Latinx director Patricia Cardoso, and Spike Lee, but nothing about Adolph Zukor, William Fox, Carl Laemmle, Harry Cohn, Samuel Goldwyn, Louis B. Mayer, Jesse Lasky, or Jack and Harry Warner. The museum is run by Jacqueline Stewart, a fascist harridan who filmed an introduction to Gone with the Wind that tells viewers what they're supposed to think about it. She has no respect for art and demands that art be interpreted in a certain way, which means she has no business anywhere near an art museum.

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This is really just another example of the left eating itself, as the Academy Museum is part of the Motion Picture Academy, which is run by those who serve at the pleasure of the industry.

What did Hollywood expect when they put a fascist harridan like Jacqueline Stewart in charge of their museum?

Were the men who created Hollywood perfect? Who cares? What does that have to do with anything? What does that have to do with their accomplishments, their art, their incredible impact on our culture and the world?

In absentia, Hollywood's founders have been found guilty of three unpardonable sins in a culture where Woke Nazis have seized the wheel: they are 1) male, 2) white, and 3) Jewish.

Imagine a museum devoted to civil rights with exhibits focused only on Martin Luther King's sexual infidelities, Gandhi's racism towards blacks, and John Kennedy's whore mongering.

Imagine a WWII museum with its exhibit on Franklin D. Roosevelt focused only on his mistress and the internment of the Japanese.

That's what this is.

This is also Hollywood getting what it voted for.

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