The epistemological looking glass: Knowing what your characters know

In this episode, August and Mazin explore the topic of epistemology, specifically how it relates to writing characters that appear to be informed and intelligent. The duo dives into the importance of establishing what characters know, when they know it, and how they know it to create a credible and compelling narrative. They offer insights on building intuition in characters, avoiding information dumps, and facilitating audience investment in a character's trajectory.

Additionally, the podcast covers the evolving television landscape and the trope of the "act break", which has been adopted from broadcast television for streaming platforms. August and Mazin examine the implications of integrating these traditional breaks into streaming shows and the importance of understanding where acts may or may not exist within a narrative.

Finally, the episode includes a bonus segment for premium members, where the hosts answer a listener question about the best and worst ways to interact with famous people. Overall, this episode provides valuable insights and food for thought for writers looking to deepen their understanding of character cognition and create compelling and believable narratives.

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