The Far Right's War on Higher Education and Those Who Criticize Israel's War on Gaza

Lately, there has been a alarming rise in both attempting to suppress dissent and criticism of Israel's war against Gaza. This effort is now squarely focused on higher education with the intention of suppressing freedom of speech, academic freedom, and critical thinking.

The far right, emboldened by leaders like Ron DeSantis and Benjamin Netanyahu, is deliberately misleading the public to view colleges and universities as "left-wing indoctrination camps." The far right, led by figures like Ron DeSantis and Benjamin Netanyahu, has been vigorously attacking higher education while also aiming to silence any criticism of Israel's war against Gaza.

Under these conditions, it is essential to examine the far right's strategy and its repercussions for higher education, academic freedom, and the possibility of an inclusive and just future.

This involves understanding the following:

The role of right-wing billionaires and politicians in attacking higher education and undermining its democratic purposes.

The deliberate manipulation of the discourse on antisemitism to censor critics of Israel's war crimes against the Palestinian people.

The current McCarthyist onslaught, which poses a serious threat to fundamental freedoms of expression and democracy, is part of a broader effort to suppress dissent on US campuses.

This discussion is essential to safeguarding the promise of higher education and the possibilities it offers for a more just and equitable future for all.

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