The Late Great United States

The volatile state of the current world prompts an examination of the biblical prophecy pertaining to the collapse of the United States. The text explores the Habakkuk's complaint regarding the violence, iniquity, and injustice in ancient Judah, comparing it to the current state of the United States, and offers an analysis of the nation's leadership and future.

The article warns of the exponential increase in wickedness, lawlessness, violence, and injustice in the United States, and the moral decay that is pervasive in the country. It highlights the reappearance of the ancient Roman gods in American society, specifically the worship of Baal, and the acceptance of same-sex marriage.

It draws attention to the World Economic Forum and its agenda to unite the world under a globalist regime, which it claims poses a threat to the future of the United States and the entire world. The article suggests that the Biden administration and other leaders exhibit traits of a "debased mind" as described in Romans 1:18-32.

It cites the destruction of the Temple of Baal in New York City as a significant milestone in America's rejection of the Lord, and the unveiling of the arch that served as the entranceway to Baal's Temple as a sign of the country's willingness to worship a host of other gods.

The article concludes by comparing the current state of the United States to the ancient nation of Judah and suggests that God will hold all nations accountable for their sins and judge them accordingly.

It calls for readers to turn to the Lord and find salvation in Him despite the impending judgment.

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