The Litvinenko Factor

The infamous "Ziegler Memo" has now been joined by the "Woodward Memo" and the "Bratt Memo" and a host of others. There is a clear and concerted effort to converge the prosecution of Donald Trump into one overall effort with a single overarching goal. This is not an "unprecedented" effort, but rather a repetition of a familiar pattern with a familiar goal in mind. This is the essence of the "Lawfare" strategy.

The Woodward/Bratt Memo has now been published in full and, while it does not have the vivid language of the others, it is nevertheless an explicit threat. It is also a very obvious violation of Department of Justice policy. I have written several articles on the "lawfare" strategy and have noted that the ultimate aim is to contaminate the judiciary and render it useless. This is merely one more step along that path. The reaction to this latest revelation has been interesting.

The DOJ functionary, Bratt, denied the charges and claimed that the timing of the allegation was "suspect". This from a department that has supposedly been purified of political influence. Even if true, however, it is still a veiled threat and a clear violation of DOJ policy. The fact that such a statement was even contemplated, let alone written down and delivered, is shocking.

The Politico article on the "Anti-Trump Legal Cabal" is also fascinating. A regular meeting occurs each week with a group of prominent lawyers and others to discuss the latest twists and turns in the Trump legal saga. The list of regular attendees is a who's who of the Anti-Trump Cinematic Universe. Interestingly, however, the article claims that many of the group members do not have a partisan or ideological lean. This is difficult to believe.

The list of names I have highlighted in previous articles and will continue to do so in the future. These are people who are not speaking for themselves but rather, apparently, for the Deep State. They are, in my opinion, a General Staff, and they are coordinating strategy. This is very obvious from their wording and frequent use of the term "journey". They will continue to converge the prosecution of Donald Trump into one overall effort with a single overarching goal. This is the essence of the "Lawfare" strategy.

The fight over TikTok is also interesting. It would appear that a law has been passed to "force" the divestiture of TikTok from ByteDance. However, it is beginning to look more and more like a simple "ban" is the real goal. If this is true, the platforms that are part of the Censorship Industrial Complex are strangling a successful rival and an outsider. Twitter would be next.

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