The Spookiest Country In The World

The Purple Finch's song is one way to attract a mate, as its ability to mimic the songs of other birds indicates genetic fitness. This is a useful adaptation. As for the United States' mimicry of legitimate democratic elections, well, that indicates genetic fitness too.

Constitutional Order: Convention Southern Democrats are attempting to primary Joe Biden in 2024. This is a stunning development, and one that underscores the degree to which the party has become entirely captive to the interests of intersectional progressivism.

Title: Spook Country Content: U.S. Intel Asked Foreign Governments To Spy On Trump Associates In 2016: Reports

The reporting is that the intelligence community (specifically John Brennan) identified 26 people associated with Trump and asked foreign governments to target them. This is significant in at least three ways. First, it indicates that there was legitimate concern about the possibility of Trump winning the election. Second, it indicates that there was concern about those Trump associates, which may indicate that some of them were in fact infiltrators or agents of some foreign government. Third, it indicates that the intelligence community has become entirely captured by the administrative state and is no longer acting

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