The Week in Review: Bourdieu, Bush, and a Birdsong



  1. Former FL Gov. Jeb Bush writes op-ed defending Trump's business interests & condemnation of the NY court ruling against him, claiming it imperils the rule of law and could cascade through the economy.
  2. Trump faces a 41-count indictment alleging he operated a criminal enterprise to overturn the 2020 election.
  3. Trump's demographic problem: his base isn't big enough to win the general election, he needs more diverse, more educated voters.
  4. Nikki Haley says she's a voice for dissatisfied voters, claiming anger and hatred must end under the Republican tent.

Biden (D)

  1. By 2024, foreign-born workers will constitute nearly 19% of the labor force, up from 17.3% when Biden took office, with the recent surge in unauthorized migrants contributing 1.7 million more workers.
  2. While the majority of migrants entered via ports of entry through new Biden programs, an additional 3.7 million arrived through other legal pathways with work ability.
  3. Former President Trump claims the influx of low-skilled immigrants has hurt native-born workers, but wage growth has been strongest for the bottom quarter.


  1. Boeing stock jumps after reports of aerospace company winning a military contract.


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  • "Lambert Strether" is the pen name of Corrente editor Lambert Strether.