The Week in Review: October Surprise? No, Too Early. But Maybe a Mid-September Surprise?

Negotiations to end the war in Gaza have stalled, with US officials indicating that they do not see a clear path to ending the conflict.

Early voting begins in several key swing states, including Arizona, Florida, and Georgia, with Michigan also likely to be heavily influenced by the Muslim vote.

Polling data suggests that Trump's base remains loyal, but that there has been no tangible effect from Trump's recent conviction.

A new ad blitz from Biden's campaign is targeting Latino voters in a bid to court a crucial demographic that has traditionally voted Democrat.

The Atlantic examines Trump's campaign efforts, suggesting that his lack of a clear slogan indicates a lack of direction.

The Federalist critiques Biden's ads, suggesting that they will have little impact on Trump's base or on the election outcome.

A debate between Biden and Trump is scheduled for later this month. It will be interesting to see how the candidates perform.

Here are the highlights: Trump (R): Chemicals from East Palestine derailment spread to 16 US states, data shows The Return of Peace Through Strength Biden (D): Biden courts Latino voters with ad blitz during Copa América soccer tournament Biden's ads haven't been working. Now, he's trying something new The mother of all US presidential debates Pierre Bourdieu, Classification Struggles Carlos Odio, "Great uncertainty in support"