The Week That Was: 2024 04-20

This week's article is a synopsis of several articles and publications from recent weeks. The quotations are not directly related to the referenced material and are intended to provide a Socratic insight into the topic. The Number of the Week and Quote of the Week are unrelated to the main content, which discusses the current climate regarding climate change and CO34;the essential role of carbon dioxide in sustaining life on earth4;and the misleading, inaccurate claims of "climate scientists."

The Week That Was: 2024 04-20 (April 20, 2024)

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Quote of the Week:

"Without liberty, law loses its nature and its name, and becomes oppression. Without law, liberty also loses its nature and its name, and becomes licentiousness."

  • James Wilson (1790)

Number of the Week: 5.6 billion gallons of water


By Ken Haapala, President, Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP)

Scope: Professors Lindzen, Happer, and Koonin have an essay asserting, with evidence, that carbon dioxide is essential for complex life on Earth and limiting emissions of greenhouse gases can result in mass starvation. Professor Howard Hayden discusses the failure of "climate scientists" to speak up when politicians make huge errors in presenting science. Independently, Jim Steele had a discussion showing the difference between the energy emitted by the surface of Earth and that going to space. Ron Clutz brings up a perceptive essay by Richard Lindzen on how academic and politicized science are deteriorating. Mark Mills discusses the "magical thinking" required to believe that the claimed energy transition will be easy or cheap.

Essential for Life: The CO2 Coalition published a paper by Professors Richard Lindzen, William Happer, and Steven Koonin on the importance of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) for life on Earth. Amazingly, the UN, Washington, and the EPA rail against CO2 claiming imaginary harms it is causing including extreme weather events that have existed since the beginning of time. Such organizations demand that CO2 emissions be limited or eliminated for heating, cooking, lighting, and transportation. Yet they fail to recognize that without CO2 complex life will cease to exist.

Having created great false fears of nuclear power and with hydropower limited, these organizations offer no viable alternative for CO2-emitting fossil fuels that has been demonstrated, particularly for providing reliable, affordable electricity, the great gift of modern civilization to humanity. Wind and solar are expensive add-ons that fail to provide electricity twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year. The failure of these politicized organizations to understand what they lack, and the parroting by the once skeptical press are breathtaking.

The new paper, "Fossil Fuels and Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) Climate Science," is divided into four sections, which are outlined on the first page (upper case is written)

"I. THERE WILL BE DISASTROUS CONSEQUENCES FOR THE POOR, PEOPLE WORLDWIDE, FUTURE GENERATIONS AND THE WEST IF FOSSIL FUELS, CO2 AND OTHER GHG EMISSIONS ARE REDUCED TO "NET ZERO"A. CO2 is Essential to Our Food, and Thus to Life on EarthB. More CO2, Including CO2 from Fossil Fuels, Produces More Food.C. More CO2 Increases Food in Drought-Stricken Areas.D. Greenhouse Gases Prevent Us from Freezing to DeathE. Enormous Social Benefits of Fossil FuelsF. "Net Zeroing" Fossil Fuels Will Cause Massive Human Starvation by Eliminating Nitrogen FertilizerII. THE IPCC IS GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED AND THUS ONLY ISSUES GOVERNMENT OPINIONS, NOT SCIENCEIII. SCIENCE DEMONSTRATES FOSSIL FUELS, CO2 AND OTHER GHGS WILL NOT CAUSE CATASTROPHIC GLOBAL WARMING AND EXTREME WEATHERA. Reliable Science is Based on Validating Theoretical Predictions With Observations, Not Consensus, Peer Review, Government Opinion or Cherry-Picked or Falsified DataB. The Models Predicting Catastrophic Warming and Extreme Weather Fail the Key Scientific Test: They Do Not Work and Would Never Be Used in Science.C. 600 Million Years of CO2 and Temperature Data Contradict the Theory That High Levels of CO2 Will Cause Catastrophic Global Warming.D. Atmospheric CO2 Is Now "Heavily Saturated," Which in Physics Means More CO2 Will Have Little Warming Effect.E. The Theory Extreme Weather is Caused by Fossil Fuels, CO2 and Other GHGs is Contradicted by the Scientific Method and Thus is Scientifically InvalidCONCLUSIONS

"The paper presents physical evidence of its assertions in graphs and citations that support the assertions. For example, the massive increase in cereal food production really began

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