The Week That Was: February 24, 2024

The Week That Was: February 24, 2024

This week:

  • Comments on scientific integrity made to the EPA
  • Failure of climate models to account for changes in humidity
  • Failed appeal of Concerned Household Electricity Consumers Council against EPA for its Endangerment Finding
  • Problems with changing electricity markets

Scientific Integrity

Scientific integrity is lacking in the EPA's Draft Revised Policy, thus violating the scientific method by not considering all pertinent physical evidence.

Water Problems

Climate modelers still insist that the small warming from CO2 will be greatly amplified by increasing water vapor despite the physical evidence to the contrary.

Fact Checking Bias

The Poynter Institute claims to be a global leader in journalism, but its fact-checking organizations are biased and don't provide a right of reply. Pioneered by the Nobel laureate Richard Feynman, scientific integrity is lacking in these fact-checking organizations.

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