This Weekend's Movie and TV Updates: Jennifer Lopez's Visual Album, The Dynasty, and More!

Jennifer Lopez's Visual Album Is Here!

It's safe to say that this week is all about Jennifer Lopez, as the multi-talented star has released her latest project, This Is Me&...Now: A Love Story, on Prime Video. Described as a "visual album told in three acts," the film combines Lopez's new music with a fictional narrative, following a woman on a quest for love. Along with the album, Lopez has also released a behind-the-scenes documentary, showing the making of the visual album.

The Dynasty: New England Patriots Takes Centre Stage

Apple TV+ is releasing a new docuseries that will be a must-watch for football fans. The Dynasty: New England Patriots tells the story of the controversial and memorable era of the unholy union of Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Robert Kraft, turning the New England Patriots into one of the most dominant teams in the NFL. The first two episodes of the series will be available on Apple TV+ this Friday, with new episodes airing weekly.

Life & Beth Season 2 Is Out Now

Hulu's hitting the ground running this year with the second season of Amy Schumer's semi-autobiographical series, Life & Beth. In the first season, we followed Beth (Schumer), a woman who went through a rough breakup and decided to stay in her hometown to process her emotions. After connecting with John (Michael Cera), a local chef, Beth decided to stay in her hometown. This season, the couple's relationship progresses as they face challenges and unpack their rocky relationships with their respective families.

Other New Releases To Check Out

There are plenty of other new releases to check out this weekend, such as the horror film Dark Harvest on Prime Video, the kids' series Alrawabi School for Girls on Netflix, and the comedy special Comedy Chaos on the same platform. If you're in the mood for some discovery, Einstein and the Bomb and The Catcher Was a Spy are also on Netflix. Peacock has a new drama, Oppenheimer, and Hulu has the thriller The Abyss. Apple TV+ continues to release exciting content, such as the comedy series Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home, Franklin.

With so many exciting options available, it's easy to decide what to watch this weekend!

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