Thursday Bird: Bourdieu, Bragg, Biden, and Tears

The Supreme Court has ruled against a challenge to Biden's communications with social media companies, but refused to rule on First Amendment issues, and rejected the claim that they did not have legal standing to bring the case. The court's standing doctrine prevents it from exercising general legal oversight of other branches of the government.

The Supreme Court has also ruled that federal law prohibiting gratuities to public officials is not applicable to the Trump Organization, and that the Trump Organization can proceed with a lawsuit against the Town of Ossining over its denial of a zoning change for a golf course. The Supreme Court's decision was based on the principle that states should not be allowed to dictate the rules of federal elections, and that the federal government should have the authority to regulate elections.

Politico reports that the Trump campaign is increasingly relying on outsourced voter turnout operations to compete with Biden's massive volunteer army, 150 field offices, and 400 staffers. The Trump campaign has been criticized for its small staff and the Republican National Committee's layoffs and shuttered field offices. However, the move has been described as a lifeline to the cash-strapped Trump campaign.

Trump has courted rappers as surrogates to win young voters of color, and has praised Louisiana's display of the Ten Commandments in public schools, saying that "this may be, in fact, the first major step in the revival of religion, which is desperately needed."

Biden has been accused of corruption and should be impeached, according to a poll conducted earlier this year. Evidence has been produced establishing the operations of the Biden crime family, including payments of $5 million each to Joe and Hunter Biden by Mykola Zlochevsky, the founding chairman of Burisma Holdings; gross payments to the Biden family, chiefly Hunter and Joe's brother James, of more than $20 million during the years (2009-2017) when Joe was vice president; and a dense network of 20-odd shell companies the Biden family set up to disguise payments received from influence-peddling schemes Hunter conducted in Ukraine, Russia, China, and elsewhere.

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