Thursday Edition: The Reckoning

“So many of the social reactions that strike us as psychological are in fact a rational management of symbolic capital.” – Pierre Bourdieu, Classification Struggles

The Constitutional Order (Insurrection)

“The Originalist Disaster in Trump v. Anderson” [The Originalism Blog]

“The Supreme Court opinion says that nothing in the Constitution delegates to the states the power to disqualify federal candidates. But this is obviously mistaken under the original meaning.”

Super Tuesday: “Biden and Trump? What a waste of the Super Tuesday primaries” [Los Angeles Times]

“Trump calls for debate with Biden” [Anadolu Agency]

“Trump is rolling. But here are the 4 potholes still ahead” [Politico]

“Trump Never Lost Control of GOP. He Only Tightened His Grasp” [Philip Wegmann, RealClearPolitics]

“It’s that he’s being reckless.” – The Atlantic

“Bernie Sanders’s private warning to Biden about the 2024 campaign” [WaPo]

“Biden’s 2024 advantage: An alliance of elites rigging the game” [New York Post]

“Here are four major landmines that await him..”

• (1) Trump’s conglomerate of political groups collectively spent more than they raised in 2023, blowing through tens of millions of dollars on legal bills rather than accumulating cash in an off year.

• (2) Trump’s calendar in his criminal cases is in disarray, creating logistical challenges for his campaign.

• (3) Trump will continue to face pressure to outline his position on abortion, which has become kryptonite for Republicans in recent elections.

• (4) After a bruising primary, Trump could face challenges in wooing the suburbanite voters who backed Haley.

“Biden can still win — if he runs like Harry Truman” [Politico]

“Here are the tools to make it happen, too — wearing the appropriate masks and disguises, they often impersonate the popular will…. The options available to Our Democracy are, in reality, far more tentacular and oppressive than crude ballot-stuffing.”

“Biden’s not going on any whistlestop tour, though, nor delivering hundreds of speeches….”

“It’s that he’s being reckless.”

“Even many of Biden’s biggest defenders say privately that they didn’t expect him to run again. Biden himself suggested...</resolve]

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