Thursday, May 4, 2024

State Polls Indicate Divided Electorate as Republicans and Democrats Vie for Sun Belt and Rust Belt Voters

Politicians, celebrities, and business leaders have weighed in on the ongoing trial of Donald Trump, who faces a possible contempt of court charge. Trump's supporters believe the case is politically motivated, while critics claim that his actions justify prosecution. Meanwhile, Republican and Democratic politicians have been making moves to appeal to swing state voters in the run-up to the November election. Today's headlines feature political analysis and insights from various sources.


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  2. Democrats effectively in majority because of GOP chaos, dysfunction says Jeffries
  3. Republicans found in contempt, threatened with jail for violating gag order (again)
  4. Trump found in criminal contempt for the 10th time; The fourth week of Trump's hush-money trial kicked off
  5. Trump is actually close to going to jail this time
  6. Trump Campaign Talks Up His Prospects of Flipping Two States
  7. RFK Jr. Reads Attacks from Pundits in New Video from Super PAC: "He Is Nuts"


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  2. Trump Campaign Raises Over $76 Million in April, Half From Small Donors


  1. Texas dairies refuse to allow Federal epidemiological field studies