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  1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, March 1, 2024

Russian disinformation is about immigration. The real aim is to undercut Ukraine aid. "[Russian disinformation] runs the gamut, often crudely, from arguing that immigration drives up unemployment to claiming that Western powers masterminded the concept of gender, which is less convincing to some audiences nowadays than it was a decade ago," a recent report from the Center for European Policy Analysis states. "The Kremlin 'doubled down' on disinformation in 2023, relying on lurid but unsubstantiated claims," the report concludes. 2. Israel-Hamas War (Iran) Update, March 1, 2024

Yoon calls for unification, on holiday marking 1919 uprising against colonial Japan. "We look at the fact that the past 80 years after World War II has been an era of conflicts and tensions in the Asia Pacific region," Yoon said in his address. "And we hereby declare that we will not let another war occur in this region." 3. China-Taiwan Weekly Update, February 29, 2024

"Between the Hammer and the Anvil": The Story Behind the New York Times October 7 Exposé A new report says that "China has been aggressive about using the [counter-terrorism] card to exert pressure and further its own interests abroad… [and that] Beijing views the war on terror as a means to achieve its geopolitical goals, including the containment of Taiwan and suppression of Uyghur dissent." 4. Brute force: Russia 'doubled down' on often-crude disinformation in 2023, says report

US leading global alliance to counter foreign government disinformation

The US is leading the Global Alliance for Disaster-Ready Governments, a coalition that aims to help nations cope with and recover from disasters. "From floods in Pakistan to conflicts in Ethiopia, Russia continues to weaponize information in pursuit of its geopolitical agenda," said a US official. "Our goal now through international partnerships is to build up allies' and partners' resilience to such tactics… [and to help them] establish clear, credible communication channels and narratives at home." 5. A new dam threatens this Filipino tribe. It's just one of the country's stalled China-funded projects

Security is still China's top priority, not the economy

China's paramount leader, Xi Jinping, has repeatedly emphasized the need for "security and stability" ahead of the country's key legislative meetings that begin on March 5. Xi has repeatedly stressed that "development is impossible without security" and "stability is the precondition for development," which suggests that Beijing is increasingly concerned about external and internal threats to the regime. Indeed, Xi has often emphasized the need for "strong military and security guarantees to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation."

"BETWEEN THE HAMMER AND THE ANVIL" — The Story Behind the New York Times October 7 Exposé

Is the United States overestimating China's power?

Grand strategy: 'Shield of the republic' — Defense Priorities

Inside the White House Program to Share America's Secrets

The Looming Famine in Gaza

Ukrainians Are Resilient—But They Still Need Washington

Book Excerpt: "Attack from Within: How Disinformation is Sabotaging America" by Barbara McQuade

Airdrops Expose Limit to Biden's Israel Policy

The Way Forward on China

VOA: U.S. 'ally support' may be reduced… Korea and Japan are needed to block China

Cooperation among N. Korea, Russia, China, Iran raises possibility of 'simultaneous conflicts': U.S. general

S. Korea takes part in multinational drills in Thailand

Yoon says S. Korea, Japan are partners as they overcome 'painful past'

Sweden's ambassador-designate to Pyongyang visiting N. Korea

South Korea's Yoon calls for unification, on holiday marking 1919 uprising against colonial Japan

Yoon says N. Korea denies universal values of humanity

President Yoon calls for 'Freely Unified Korea'

South's top diplomat meets U.S. counterpart for first time, says allies 'moving in lockstep' on North

Poland preparing technical inspection at diplomatic mission in N. Korea: VOA

S. Korea, US voice 'deep concern' over NK's definition of S. Korea as 'hostile' country

N. Korea conducts lectures to promote implementation of 20-10 policy

Ford vans seen in Kim Jong Un's entourage

Kim Jong Un's Confidence, and How It Factors Into His Economic Plan

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