TOUAX Universal Registration Document: Your Leasing Solution for Sustainable Transport

Dear reader,

We are pleased to present the TOUAX Universal Registration Document for the 2023 calendar year. This document provides a comprehensive overview of TOUAX's business, risk factors, financial position, and other relevant information.

TOUAX is a leading player in the European leasing market, specializing in innovative and sustainable solutions for the transport and logistics industry. We believe that this document will be an invaluable resource for shareholders, investors, and anyone interested in learning more about TOUAX's approach to responsible investment and its commitment to sustainability.

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has faced unprecedented challenges. TOUAX, as a responsible corporate citizen, has been working tirelessly to support its employees, customers, and stakeholders throughout this difficult period. We have implemented robust health and safety measures, ensuring the well-being of our employees while maintaining our commitment to providing exceptional service to our customers.

As we move forward, we remain focused on sustainability and innovation, driving the transition to cleaner, more efficient transport solutions. From the adoption of alternative fuels to the development of cutting-edge technologies, TOUAX is at the forefront of the effort to create a more sustainable future for the transport and logistics industry.

By reading this Universal Registration Document, you will learn more about TOUAX's strategy and the steps we are taking to ensure our continued success in the years to come. We invite you to read on and learn more about our company, our vision, and our commitment to sustainability.


Fabrice and Raphaël Walewski

Managing Partners

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