Trump Calls Milwaukee a 'Horrible City', Republicans Scramble for Damage Control

Trump Calls Milwaukee 'Horrible City', Reports Clarify He Was Referring to Politics, Crime, or Delegate Logistics

In a reported remark that has stunned Republicans and residents of Milwaukee, Donald Trump expressed his dissatisfaction with the city in a meeting with House Republicans. Reports suggest that he described Milwaukee as a "horrible city" amid discussions about the upcoming Republican National Convention (RNC) to be held there.

However, the quote has been disputed by some who were present at the meeting, with several alternative explanations emerging from politicians and convention officials. Republicans are now scrambling to control the damage and clarify the president's comments.

Explanation One: No Such Quote

One explanation came from Republican Representative Bryan Steil from Wisconsin. He stated that Trump did not utter those words and added that Wisconsin, especially in July, is a great place to be.

Explanation Two: Reference to Crime Rate

A second interpretation came from Representative Derrick Van Orden, also from Wisconsin. He suggested that Trump was referring to the city's crime rate, citing a recent report placing Milwaukee's violent crime rate as the third highest in the country. Steil also pivoted to this explanation, stating that Trump was concerned about the safety of visitors to the RNC.

Explanation Three: Political Interference

A spokesperson for the RNC offered yet a different understanding, stating that Trump's comment was in reference to "the ongoing political game the City and County are playing with Pere Marquette Park." Apparently, there are concerns that the city has still not designated a First Amendment zone for protests, despite these concerns being raised months ago.

Explanation Four: Urban Election Results

Some have suggested that Trump was referring to the need for the Republican Party to do better in urban areas, claiming the elections are rigged in those jurisdictions.

Explanation Five: A Tweet Nailed It

Perhaps the most succinct and hilarious take on the situation came via tweet from Wisconsin reporter Will Ujek:

"GOP appears to be scrambling to spin. A convention spokesperson told me Trump "was referencing the ongoing political game the City and County are playing with Pere Marquette Park. Despite concerns being raised months ago, the City has still not designated a first amendment zone.""

Trump's History of Criticizing Cities

Trump's aversion to cities in general and Milwaukee in particular is well-known. He has public referred to Baltimore as a "shithole" and New York, where he lived for 70 years, as a "hellhole." He has also criticized Atlanta, Detroit, and other cities for their high crime rates.

Possible Impact on RNC Attendance

It remains to be seen whether Trump's alleged broadside will dampen enthusiasm for the RNC in Milwaukee among Republican delegates and voters. The city has been regarded as a welcoming destination for Republicans and Democrats alike.

Milwaukee residents, officials, and visitors awaiting the RNC in July are likely to downplay Trump's comments while Republicans attempt to navigate his remarks' implications for the convention. Meanwhile, those who plan to attend the RNC may take solace in the knowledge that the city has much to offer in cheese, beer, and, for those so inclined, hookups.


Some reactions to the news:

"Trump's comments are embarrassing and disrespectful. Milwaukee is a great city with wonderful people. Trump's attitude reflects his inability to accept defeat and move on." - John Miller, Milwaukee Resident

"I've visited Milwaukee several times. It's a great place to live and visit. Trump's comments are stupid and unnecessary. It seems he's trying to alienate everyone he can." - Jane Doe, Democrat

"I'm not a fan of Trump, but Milwaukee has a high crime rate. Maybe he's just expressing his concern for the attendees' safety at the RNC." - Robert Johnson, Neutral Voter

"I'm a Milwaukeean, and I'll be partying at the RNC with my friends at Wonkette. Trump can bite us." - Jane Smith, 26

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