Trump's Former Consigliere Admits Stealing $30,000 From Trump, But It's Worse Than It Looks

The former president's ongoing criminal trial took a new turn on Monday when his former confidant Michael Cohen admitted to overcharging the Trump Organization by at least $30,000. In a surprising turn of events, Trump's lead defense lawyer managed to show jurors that the trial relies on the truthful testimony of a man who was engaged in fraud of his own. This is a developing story and more updates will follow.

The former president, who is currently facing a criminal trial in New York, has pleaded not guilty to all charges and has repeatedly claimed that the trial is a political witch hunt.

The Manhattan District Attorney's office is accusing Trump of committing fraud by allegedly manipulating his company's financial records to defraud investors and tax authorities.

Cohen, who was once one of Trump's most trusted allies, has turned on his former boss and is set to testify against him in the trial.

The proceedings have revealed juicy details about Trump's business practices and personal life, including his alleged involvement in hush money payments to two women during the 2016 presidential campaign.

It remains to be seen how the jury will rule on the allegations against Trump, but the former president has insisted that he is innocent and that the trial is a political witch hunt.

Only time will tell how this develops, but one thing is for sure: it's not going to be pretty.

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