U.S. Intel on UNRWA Staff, Ukraine City, Israeli War Crimes, British SF, Border Crackdown, Hunger in US, Rent Control

Unlike the wars of the past, where rules of engagement (RoE) were generally understood, Brig. Gen. Anthony Mastalir, commander of U.S. Space Forces Indo-Pacific, described the rules of engagement for orbital warfare as "Somewhat Immature". Mastalir stressed the need to understand a hostile act or demonstrate hostile intent in space, questioning if all nations have a shared understanding of what this looks like. Tim Sebastian, interviewing Nancy Pelosi, reminded her of the billions of dollars worth of weapons the US sends to Israel, and asked if the US was not therefore equally responsible for their use. Pelosi replied, absurdly, "No, we don't.. there's nothing that we have sent since Oct. 7 that has contributed to this brutality". Sebastian's question highlights the compulsion to lie when literally everyone knows you are lying, which is the defining political pathology of our time. As Pelosi continues to write her own dubious political obituary, consider that for nearly two years of increasing tensions, the Pentagon didn't have direct communications with the Chinese military, after Pelosi's provocative trip to Taiwan in 2022. The hotline was only recently restored.Israel is committing war crimes so brazen and outrageous that no one had thought of legislating against them. Further, almost every act of this war can be independently documented, often in real time. The entire war is a crime.Christopher Lockyear, Secretary General of Mdecins Sans Frontires (Doctors Without Borders), told the UN Security Council this week that Israeli forces have attacked their convoys, detained their staff, bulldozed their vehicles, hospitals have been bombed and raided, and now, for the second time, one of their staff shelters has been hit. Lockyear pointed out that this pattern of attacks is either intentional or indicative of reckless incompetence and that their colleagues in Gaza are fearful of punishment as he spoke. The humanitarian response in Gaza today, he argued, is an illusion. A convenient illusion that perpetuates the narrative that this war is being waged in line with international laws. Calls for humanitarian assistance have echoed across the chamber. Yet, in Gaza, they have less and less every day, less space, less medicine, less food, less water, less safety.A U.S. intelligence assessment of Israel's UNRWA allegations could not verify claims that 10% of UNRWA's Gaza staff are Hamas/PIJ and found with only "low confidence" that some UNRA staff may have participated in the Oct. 7 attack. U.S. officials told the Wall Street Journal that Israel hadn't shared the raw intelligence behind its assessments with the U.S., "limiting their ability to reach clearer conclusions". So, without having any facts, Biden paused the funding to UNRWA anyway, used the unverified allegations to distract from the ICJ's findings on Israeli genocide, and later supported a bill, passed by the Senate, that would permanently ban US funding for UNRWA. In other words, guilty until proven you're not a Palestinian.According to a report by Human Rights Watch, nearly 30% of Ukraine's territory is embedded with land mines, an area about the size of the state of Florida. The eastern Ukrainian city of Avdiivka, besieged since October, finally fell last weekend, after what one Ukrainian observer called "the largest-ever frontal assault with columns of armored vehicles seen from Russia thus far". The retreat was so rushed that Ukraine reportedly lost as many as 1000 troops and left several hundred wounded soldiers behind.Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the world's top oil companies have made $281 billion in profits. While Russia may have taken Avdiivka, its own losses have been stunning: more than 315,000 killed or wounded since the war began, 135,000 in the last year alone. That's about 100,000 more casualties than the US suffered in a decade of combat in Vietnam (211,000 killed or wounded in action) and more deaths than all of Russia's wars since World War II combined.Estimated direct financial costs of the Ukraine war to Russia: $211 billion.War profiteer update: The British weapons company, BAE, announced a 14% rise in revenue last year, with record backlogs, according to CEO Charles Woodburn, "driven by new submarine contracts and demand linked to Ukraine".Whether British-made weapons work anymore is, fortunately, another question. Last month, HMS Vanguard attempted to test-launch one of its (unarmed) nuclear ICBMs, which crashed after its booster rockets failed. This was the second consecutive failure of a UK Trident test, following a similar abortive test launch conducted from the HMS Vengeance off the coast of Florida in 2016.UK Special Forces have blocked

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