UConn men's basketball embraces innovative offensive philosophy on road to redemption

The Huskies have turned to a new style of play to reinvigorate their program

The NCAA Tournament has not been kind to UConn in recent years, but the Huskies have embarked on a new offensive philosophy to surpass their shortcomings. After back-to-back opening-round losses in March Madness in which the Huskies struggled mightily on offense, head coach Dan Hurley invited shooting guard Jordan Hawkins to his office. Hurley knew that Hawkins' shooting ability could improve the team's performance. The coach emphasized the importance of a high-powered offense in winning tournaments.

The Huskies have completely rewritten the team's offensive principles and have restructured the coaching staff's study habits and practice time to implement their new motion-based system. This new approach asks shooters to make expert cuts, clean dribble exchanges, and plenty of 3-pointers after peeling off screens. The team has also emphasized fundamental soundness and team play.

The culmination of these efforts has led to the Huskies earning the overall No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament and the No. 1 spot in offensive efficiency. The team boasts a roster filled with high-level passers, shooters, and "game processors" who can operate the system. The Huskies' new approach has them poised to become the first repeat champions since 2006.

Dan Hurley's son has certainly put his stamp on the UConn program since taking over and is slowly gaining the national recognition he deserves. Given the program's historical lack of success over the past few years, it was imperative for Hurley to return UConn to national prominence. Embracing offensive innovation, rather than his father's brutal style, appears to have been a wise decision. This should serve as evidence that there is no better coach to lead the Huskies forward.

It remains to be seen how far the Huskies can go in this year's tournament, but most would agree that the crazy, beautiful, and patient offense will continue to be a joy to watch.

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