Ukraine's diminishing military capabilities enable Russia to attack with impunity

Ukraine's ability to defend its airspace and military infrastructure has diminished in the face of a relentless Russian assault, enabling Moscow to destroy Ukraine's energy infrastructure with increasing effectiveness. The country's dwindling supply of air defense missiles has had catastrophic results, with Russia able to fire with near impunity. Even when Ukraine manages to shoot down missiles, the sheer number launched by Russia means that many get through, as evidenced by the destruction of Ukraine's second-biggest power plant in Kyiv.

Ukraine is also fighting a artillery war of attrition, with Russia having a 10-1 advantage in terms of shellings and Ukraine suffering a manpower problem as a result.

Regarding Ukraine's allies in NATO, Dmytro Kuleba, the Ukrainian foreign minister, has criticized the alliance for not providing more air defense support, even going so far as to highlight the idle status of more than 100 Patriot batteries that could be used. This is in contrast to Ukraine's push for European allies to provide the country with the support it needs to defend itself.

Recent trends point to Russia successfully leveraging its partnerships with Iran, North Korea, and China to enhance its military capabilities, while Ukraine is struggling to keep up with the sheer mass and pace of the conflict.

While Ukraine has attempted to counter Russian advances by increasing the production and usage of domestically produced drones, the country has struggled to make up for the shortage of more traditional ammunition.

With millions of Ukrainians now facing a daunting humanitarian crisis, the need for aid and support from the international community could not be more apparent.

As the situation on the ground becomes increasingly dire, all eyes are on Ukraine's allies to see if they will provide the support needed to help Ukraine defend its airspace and infrastructure, or whether they will remain idle while Russia continues to advance.

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