Universal Tribute Store Has Arrived and it is Loaded with Details


Every year since 2018, Universal Orlando has introduced a special, often themed, Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida. These retail locations are heavily themed and detailed with a myriad of Easter Eggs for guests to discover. This year, the Summer Tribute Store has arrived, taking over the old Universal Studios Store and is themed to classic 1980s movies, with a focus on video tapes, arcades, and drive-in theaters.

2022 Universal Summer Tribute Store: Mega Video, Mega Arcade, and the Tribute Theater

The moment you walk into the Tribute Store, you are greeted by a new character created just for this year's store, Mr. Tape. Playing off the old expression "Be Kind, Rewind," Mr. Tape has a few words of wisdom for guests returning their video tapes. But be kind, we all know there is no such thing as late fees for a video tape. Mr. Tape greets guests as they enter Mega Video, the first section of the store. Here you'll find shelves upon shelves of VHS tapes, and some DVDs and Blue-rays for the young folks. And while most of the tapes are real movies, there are some special tapes loaded with Easter Eggs. These tapes reference everything from Horizons to The Curse of the Werewolf, and even the Universal Studios Florida: Experience the Magic of Movies video tape from the 1990s.

The next section of the store is the Mega Arcade, which brings back memories of a bygone era of gaming. Here guests will find faux arcade cabinets with some pretty incredible artwork. One such cabinet is a fighting game called Tribute Brawler IV, which is a not-so-subtle dig at Street Fighter II. Another game referenced in the arcade is Gerg's Alien Adventure, a brutal satire of the infamous E.T. video game. Test your skills on the Universal Quest 5 game, a Tron-like game where you maneuver a character through different obstacles.

The final section of the store is the Tribute Theater, which has a few details but is dominated by a large gift shop. In the lobby of the theater are a couple of posters, including one for the then-new film Jawbreaker. The back wall of the lobby features a distressed movie poster for a faux movie called Cult of the Beast Baby, a nod to the house from Halloween Horror Nights 28. And who knows, maybe this terrifying creature will make its way to a future HHN.

Other Highlights

There are so many amazing details in the Summer 2022 Tribute Store that it is impossible to capture them all. Here are some other highlights.

In the bulletin board outside the store, there are ads for several former Universal attractions like Kongfrontation, Earthquake: The Big One, and Jaws. There is also a listing for Alfred Hitchcock: The Art of Making Movies, a screening room in USF. An ad for the Gardens of Allah Villas, another USF attraction. This one is extremely rare as guests cannot participate in it anymore. A notice of a missing giant ape, another Kongfrontation reference. A listing for a yellow cab company, which reminds guests of the photo op in USF. An ad for a 1980s auto dealership with some interesting vehicles, including the Deuce Coupe from American Graffiti, the Monaco Cruiser from the Blues Brothers, and the Koach from The Munsters. There are also references to pet services, a lost dog, and more.

In the Mega Video section of the store, there are several other details worth noting. There is a poster for a concert featuring The Wyld Stallions, a reference to Bill and Ted. An NBC photo booth, a nod to the network that owns Universal. A VHS copy of Kick-Ass, with a bonus hidden scene. A vial of "Thriller," a reference to the 13th Gate Haunted House in Baton Rogue, Louisiana. A poster for the video game tournament in the film The Wizard.

In the Mega Arcade section, there are some fantastic details worth mentioning. The carpet is a perfect replica of the carpet found in many arcades back in the day. There are trophies for the parks, including one for Universal Orlando Resort and another for Islands of Adventure. A rubber chicken, a reference to the Easter Eggs one of these stores had a couple of years ago. Here you will also find a poster for the Blues Brothers and a poster for the Ghostbusters. There is also a photo of Mr. DNA from Jurassic Park and a poster for the film Twister.

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