US President Biden Facilitates Genocide of Palestine's Captive Population in Gaza

The US president has been breaking a law that prevents him from sending weapons to any country using them against a civilian population.

Unless US President Joe Biden wants to be remembered in history as the American leader who facilitated the genocide of Palestine's captive population in Gaza, he has to take immediate action. In this regard, the US president is legally obligated to end all military support for Israel and enforce an arms embargo on the apartheid state.

For five months, Israel has been pounding the homes of a captive population of mostly women and children in Gaza, reducing whole cities to rubble and murdering 32,000 Palestinians. Despite continual replenishing of the bombs, missiles, and shells rained down on the Palestinian population by Israel, Biden could have intervened and stopped this carnage.

According to the Arms Export Control Act, if the US president is aware of any potential violations of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA), they must promptly notify Congress. This law has been repeatedly broken by Biden, who has not only failed to intervene in Israel's aggression but has also continued to replenish the arsenal that has been used to attack Palestinian cities.

In January 2024, a federal court case was filed against Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. The case alleged that the defendants were complicit in Israel's genocide against Gazans and sought to stop the US from supporting Israel.

On February 8, 2024, Biden issued a national security memorandum aimed at silencing criticism of his non-compliance with the AECA. The memo gave Israel until mid-March to provide written assurances that it would abide by international law while using US weapons.

March 19, 2024, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Michael Fakhri, said the US was complicit in the Gaza starvation. According to the Foreign Assistance Act, which governs US foreign aid, security assistance is prohibited if the US president is aware that the country prohibits or restricts direct or indirect transport or delivery of US humanitarian assistance.

On March 22, 2024, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres visited the Rafah crossing and stated that there were 7,000 trucks waiting in North Sinai to deliver aid to Gaza. Children are dying every day, and once a year is too long to wait for a report.

Unless Biden wants to be remembered as the US president who facilitated the genocide of Palestine's captive population in Gaza, he must take immediate action to stop the ongoing massacre. A new multi-polar world led by China and India may finally release humanity from five centuries of inhumane Western hegemony, which has been violently led by the US during most of the present century.

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