US Supreme Court decision could delay Trump trial until after 2024 election; PM told to 'call out Islamophobia' after Tory colleague makes 'anti-Muslim' comments

The recent US Supreme Court decision to consider the immunity argument raised by Donald Trump means that his federal criminal trial may not take place until after the 2024 presidential election. Trump's defence team has argued for a delay, claiming the impeachment proceedings are politically motivated and that the former president is immune from prosecution while in office. Critics have claimed that the decision reinforces Trump's strategy of delaying his various criminal trials.

In the UK, former deputy chair of the Conservative Party Lee Anderson made anti-Muslim comments on GB News, claiming that Islamists have "taken over" London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Rishi Sunak has been called upon to speak out against what many are describing as "anti-Muslim rhetoric," with some urging him to "find the language" to "call Islamophobia out as Islamophobia."

Sunak has also faced criticism for comments suggesting that the UK is descending into "mob rule" as he called for stronger action to prevent disruptive protests. This follows a series of protests targeting Parliament and MPs' homes.

In other news, the Crooked House, a pub in the West Midlands known for its distinctive slant, may be restored to its former glory after it was demolished last year following a suspicious fire. South Staffordshire Council has ordered the owners to rebuild it within three years.

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