Vallejo Breaks Ground on Long-Awaited Navigation Center for Homeless Population

The City of Vallejo, located in Solano County, California, will commence construction of a navigation center for the homeless population. With 125 beds, the center will provide shelter and comprehensive services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness. The groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, April 7.

The navigation center will offer personalized case management, medical and mental health services, and job training to help residents find stable employment. On-site resources will also include medical services, laundry facilities, a dining hall, and pet accommodations, understanding that some residents will have pets in need of care.

Interestingly, the navigation center will use modular construction and is slated for completion in December 2022. Additionally, the effort to establish the center has faced multiple setbacks over the years, including funding gaps and complications with finding a suitable location. The city was able to secure funding through a combination of state grants, city funds, and surplus pandemic funding from Solano County.

Darryl Curry, senior vice president of Kaiser Permanente's Napa Solano division, praised the city's perseverance in establishing the navigation center, emphasizing its importance to the community. Kaiser Permanente alone will contribute over $3 million to the project.

The navigation center aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals experiencing homelessness in Solano County. Allowing drug and alcohol use will not be permitted on-site. With a focus on individualized care and support, the center hopes to help residents find permanent housing and achieve long-term stability.

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