Vampire Facials Infected Patients With HIV

A recent investigation by the CDC has found that 'vampire facials,' a trendy skin-care procedure done with unsterilized equipment, have caused an outbreak of HIV infections.

The CDC report details how at least three women were infected with HIV after receiving cosmetic injections at an unlicensed spa. HIV infection was transmitted via hypodermic needles used to inject client's faces with plasma from elsewhere on their bodies.

The procedure, also known as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, is used to rejuvenate faces and necks by triggering the body's healing response. However, the needles used in PRP therapy are problematic since they cannot be adequately sterilized between uses, increasing the risk of disease transmission from patient to patient, the report said.

The CDC concluded that the infections were likely caused by contaminated needles used during the procedure, despite the spa's claim that the needles were sterile. The report urged people to use only licensed professionals who use sterilized equipment.

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