VoteVets PAC Endorses January 6 Fake 'Hero' Harry Dunn in Maryland Democratic Primary Contest

The VoteVets political action committee, which claims to "endorse veterans and national security professionals," has endorsed a controversial candidate in Maryland's 3rd Congressional District Democratic primary contest. Former Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn has been endorsed by the PAC, which claims to support those who serve in the military and their families.

Unlike the other candidates in the primary race, Dunn is not a military veteran. At least three other veterans, including Juan Dominguez, a West Point graduate and Gulf War veteran, are competing in the contest. Dominguez claims that Dunn, who has been falsely hailed as a "hero" for his actions on January 6, 2021, is a "slap in the face" to veterans.

Dunn was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal and the Presidential Citizens Medal by President Joe Biden for his alleged actions on January 6. However, video evidence contradicts Dunn's claims of heroism and punching rioters. Dunn is also accused of perjury in the Oath Keepers seditious conspiracy trial.

Despite being accused of abusing his power as a law enforcement officer and committing perjury, Dunn has been endorsed by prominent Democrats such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Representative Jim Clyburn. Dunn's campaign has also raised more money than the other candidates combined.

According to Dominguez, large amounts of untraceable money are dictating who gets endorsements and who doesn't. This is a problem that occurs often in American politics.

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