Wear This Fragrance Without 'Fragrance' in the Ingredient List

Sure, there are some laws that regulate the cosmetics industry but they only require the disclosure of "fragrance" as an ingredient, without requiring companies to disclose the individual ingredients in the fragrance.

In North America, the law does not require government approval before products containing "fragrance" go on the market.

In fact, if a cosmetic is marketed on a retail basis to consumers, companies list almost all ingredients. But under U.S. and Canadian regulations, fragrance and flavor ingredients can be listed simply as "Fragrance" or "Flavor."

Beautycounter is working to close the fragrance loophole. They have three pillars to achieve this mission, two of which I've already talked about in my recent post, Why the Fragrance Loophole is Bad.

And today I'm SO excited to share more about our third pillar: leading the industry with the cleanest, safest product on the market.

We've always pushed the beauty industry to disclose the ingredients behind fragrances. That's how we change beauty forever, for all.

Our perfume is the first one you'll wear with confidence of next-level safety; fully transparent without "fragrance" ingredients hiding the industry's dirty little secret legislative loophole.

There's only one other EWG-Verified perfume on the market. And it doesn't do full ingredient screening or final safety testing. And, it's not vegan or sustainable. Friends, this is HUGE!

Our perfume is also free of endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, or other toxic contaminants.

Our perfume has been clinically tested safe for sensitive skin. If you get headaches or other irritation from other perfumes or fragrances -- you won't experience that with Clean Eau de Parfum!

Our perfume is free of animal products. I was fascinated to learn that the "musk" base in most perfumes is made from animal products.

Our perfume delivers a full olfactive experience. And because of the clean nature of their formulation, which means not only do you experience the scent differently over time -- from top note to base -- but your own personal pH and pheromones customize the scent to be specific to you.

Our perfume is non-linear. A non-linear

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