Wearing red to raise women's heart health awareness

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women worldwide, and one woman dies of heart disease every 20 minutes in Canada. The mortality rate of heart disease in women has been increasing, especially among women under 65. Indigenous, Black and minority ethnic women face a higher risk of heart disease, reflecting systemic socio-economic inequalities.wiveshearthealthcanada Women's hearts are unique and different from men's hearts; outside appearances resemble men's hearts, but there are significant differences regarding cardiovascular health due to hormonal fluctuations from menstrual to reproductive health. Women are more likely to have multiple symptoms other than chest pain when experiencing a heart attack.

Estimates suggest that 80% of cardiovascular disease is preventable, and women can take initiatives to reduce their risk factors through daily movement, healthy eating, limited alcohol consumption, stress reduction, and quitting smoking. Women are recommended to take their medications as prescribed and undergo regular check-ups.

On Feb. 13, Wear Red Canada will raise awareness for women's cardiovascular health. Hosted by the Canadian Women's Heart Health Alliance and the Canadian Women's Heart Health Centre, the movement aims to spread the message that women's hearts matter. Wearing red and sharing photos using the hashtags #HerHeartMatters and tagging @WearRedCanada will help spread awareness. Attendees can also join local events and free presentations by Canadian experts.

Women's heart health needs to be prioritized and talked about to save the lives of women everywhere. Let's start the conversation on women's heart health today.

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