'Wedding Impossible' Blossoms With a Gay Lead, a Tough Actress, and a Chaebol Mess

Despite LGBTQ+ representation in Korean media growing, there are still few gay men portrayed on K-dramas and often they are portrayed as a joke. Kim Do Wan portrays Lee Do Han, who is gay and also an heir to a large company, his grandfather is poised to retire and chooses between Do Han and his straight brother Lee Ji Han (Moon Sang Min) as his successor. Do Han's problem is that he is gay and his brother knows this, but to become the successor he must marry Yoon Chae Won (Bae Yoon Kyung), to which he agrees on the condition that he can date Lee Na Ah Jung (Jeon Jong Seo), thus marrying him to a woman while he is gay.

Na Ah Jung is an actress who has known Do Han for 15 years, she is also having a hard time in her career as an actress as she is undervalued and underpaid. Do Han proposes that they enter a fake marriage for three years, he will pay her and she will get exposure as the wife of an heir. She is offended at first as she had not expected him to propose such a transaction, but later accepts after complications arise. Lee Ji Han is aware of his brother's predicament and proposes that they continue with the marriage, but as sister and brother. Na Ah Jung is offended by this proposition and declines it, but later accepts as she has no other choice.

The show has garnered praise for portraying a gay man and the conflicts he faces, as well as a strong female character who struggles in her career. The dynamics between the three leads and their respective struggles are portrayed well and the show manages to pull off a refreshing take on the typical K-drama tropes.

Let me know if you would like a paragraph-long summary on the show so far with potential spoilers!

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