Week in Review: January 6 Witness Shares Frightening Experience, Trump Sneaker Availability, and a Third Path in 2024

Despite attempts to downplay the violence of the insurrection, a January 6 witness shares their frightening experience in a recent interview. Soon, you might be able to buy a pair of Trump's "Never Surrender High-Top Sneaker" for $399. Maybe. And a new third option for 2024 emerges despite Democratic worries.

One January 6 Witness Shares Their Experience:

"It was not a safe time" former Wisconsin Republican Party Chair Andrew Hitt said about the days surrounding the 2020 election. Hitt, who served as a Trump elector in the 2020 election, detailed his fears about the Trump campaign's attempt to toss votes in Democratic areas in an interview with CBS.

Axios' Dave Lawler writes:

Trump elector on 2020 election docs: 'It was not a safe time'

"After the Wisconsin Supreme Court in December 2020 rejected Trump's lawsuit seeking to disqualify over 221,000 ballots in two Democratic counties, [Former Wisconsin Republican Party Chair Andrew Hitt] said he met with nine other Republican electors because he was advised the former president's campaign would appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court," Lawler writes.

"We got specific advice from our lawyers that these documents were meaningless unless a court said they had meaning," Hitt told CBS' Anderson Cooper.

"And if I didn't do that [sign the documents], and the court did throw out those votes, it would have been solely my fault that Trump wouldn't have won Wisconsin," said Hitt, who emphasized he was "absolutely" scared.

Only 1000? Were they gilded by hand?

Trump's (R) "Never Surrender High-Top Sneaker" sells out hours after launch. Axios' Alex Schiffer and Al Drago write:

Trump's high-top sneakers sell out hours after launch

"Former President Trump's high-top sneakers sold out hours after their launch Saturday at Sneaker Con in Philadelphia. The shoes, called 'The Never Surrender High-Top Sneaker,' sell for $399. The pair, along with two low-top sneakers, and a $99 bottle of 'Victory47' perfume and cologne were available for purchase on a new website," Drago and Schiffer write.

And a Third Path for 2024?

No Labels national co-chair, Draggie Benjamin Chavis, Sr. recently spoke about the organization's plans for 2024 on MSNBC's "The Weekend." Chavis, a longtime civil rights activist and former executive director of the NAACP, has been talking with Republicans, Democrats, and independents ahead of a potential third-party run.

FOX's Daniel Tolson writes:

'No Labels still pursuing third-party candidates after Manchin's decision not to run for president'

"We're talking with several exceptional leaders," Chavis said. "In the next couple of weeks or more, we will probably make an announcement whether or not we will give the ballot access to a unity ticket."

And Democrats En Déshabillé

Michigan progressives angry over Gaza are urging voters to ditch Biden in the primary. NBC's Kyle Hawkins writes:

Kamala Harris has stepped up on campaign trail 'but leading Democrats fear it's not enough'

"But a feeling of stagnation remains, with leading Democrats worried it will lead to their downfall in November," Hawkins writes.

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