What's happening in Australia: April 22, 2023

The latest news coverage from around Australia:

  • Sky News reports that Opposition Leader Peter Dutton wants a TikTok ban in Australia like in the US, though Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said we won't be copying the US.
  • Guardian Australia reported that 87 new pharmacies have started up since the Pharmacy Guild of Australia warned hundreds of pharmacies would close if the government allowed 60-day prescriptions, with Dutton supporting the lobby group.
  • Missing documents released yesterday showed that John Howard's Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) vetoed a Defence Department plan to slash the number of troops we sent to Iraq alongside the US back in 2004.
  • NSW independent Roy Butler has written to Premier Chris Minns about how the government's new youth crime package will make it so much harder for kids to get bail.
  • The woman who survived being stabbed by her daughter's classmate in Sydney's eastern suburbs has spoken out about the trauma of being cross-examined in court, saying she had flashbacks and panic attacks.
  • The pilot crisis has hit regional Australian carrier Regional Express (Rex), which has been forced to cut services because it cannot properly crew its fleet of 57 SAAB propeller planes.
  • Tabcorp boss Adam Rytenskild has resigned after allegedly calling someone a “useless c**t”, though Rytenskild said he can't remember saying it but agreed to leave anyway.
  • Four-time Olympian Cate Campbell said she didn't mean to be disrespectful when she called the US team “sore losers” after the US put themselves in first place on the medal tally at Tokyo 2020.

Here are some positive and uplifting stories to finish on:

  • A Texas man who has died aged 74 after living nearly all of his years inside a massive cylindrical vat known as an iron lung has been celebrated for his determination and zest for life.
  • Clive Palmer shared his secrets to influence the Australian youth with Crikey's Anton Nilsson.
  • Crikey also reported that the National Anti-Corruption Commission has started issuing media releases about its investigations for the first time, after it was criticised for secrecy.
  • And a UK barrister working on Matildas captain Sam Kerr's case has been described as “glamorous” for some weird reason.

Enjoy your weekend!

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