What Happens When You Find a Song You Love on the Road?

Getting hooked on a song during a road trip or a tour can be a profound and influential experience. Two metal musicians, Krista Shipperbottom of Lutharo and Brittney Slayes of Unleash the Archers, share their stories about discovering songs while on the road and how those songs became meaningful to their tours. These anecdotes explore the collective appreciation and memories that develop from sharing music within a group setting, showcasing the unique bond formed through collaborative experiences.

While on tour, listening to music can impact a band's morale, with songs serving as a way to connect and unite members. However, choosing songs can sometimes be a challenging process, especially when diverse tastes collide. From playlist discipline to tour earworms, this piece explores the joys and challenges of sharing music while on the move, along with some of the studies and recommendations related to driving and music selection.

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Prospective observational study of peripheral intravenous cannula utilisation and frequency of intravenous fluid delivery in the emergency department: convenience or necessity?

Introduction Over one billion peripheral intravenous cannulas (PIVCs) are inserted worldwide each year. Insertion of PIVCs is associated with pain, phlebitis, occlusion, and medication extravasation as well as the risk of catheter-associated infection, with an associated cost to departmental resources. Previous studies have not assessed if intravenous (IV) fluid delivery