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Constitutional Order (Insurrection)

  1. "Convention." This keeps happening...
  2. <Dateline: Las Vegas, Nevada> 2024: "At Trump events, reporters always make beelines for caricatures in MAGA hats, ignoring the wide variety of other supporters who show up and usually watch from near rear exits or curtains. An 80-year-old Arizona resident who keeps a Vegas condo came up for the party and lingered near the press section. I asked what brought him here. "Just all the misrepresentation," he said. "On the UFO issue. All the bullshit." "The Area 51 stuff?" "Absolutely," he said. "I've seen them." About Trump, he said, "I'm a big fan of him. I hate what's going on." I shrugged. If you don't hear at least one surprising explanation for coming to a Trump rally, you're probably not working the crowd enough. This year, even UFOs aren't exactly a far-out issue anymore. But "I hate what's going on" will be an element of almost any supporter's story at Trump crowds. That the Nevada primary was essentially decided in a back-room deal by a Republican Party leadership that gamed the setup in Trump's favor would be odd in any other election year. In 2024, most of the important battles have so far been held away from the ballot.

Trump (R)

  1. "Trump's NV Sweep Clarifies GOP Race, But Election Is Murkier Than Ever"
  2. "Trump's Trials Are on a Collision Course With November"
  3. "Trump's new Supreme Court gambit doesn't even try to hide that it's a delaying tactic"
  4. "A Brief Oral History of Wayne Barrett, the First Journalist to Doggedly Cover Donald Trump"

Haley (R)

  1. "He IS Unhinged! Nikki Haley Tells TODAY That "Diminished" Trump Is Suffering His Own Cognitive Decline"

Biden (D)

  1. "Biden's upcoming physical exam will not include a cognitive test, White House says"
  2. "Democrats Might Need a Plan B. Here's What It Looks Like"

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