Who could be the next quarterback drafted to succeed after relying on a rookie season

The NFL Draft is a time of great anticipation and hope for every franchise, but none more so than those selecting a quarterback. Selecting a quarterback in the first round binds the fanbase together in anticipation of the player under center for the next 15 years. Unfortunately, that doesn't always work out as planned, but the quarterback position is always in high demand.

This year's draft doesn't have a clear-cut top quarterback like prior years, but there are still talented players who could be successful in the right environment. Here are some matchings that could work if these quarterbacks are drafted in the first round:

Caleb Williams, USC - Title: Bears

Williams is a pocket passer who can extend plays and make passes outside the pocket when necessary. His ability to do the latter is what makes him so intriguing, but it isn't his identity. Williams could be a good fit for the Bears for several reasons. Chicago hired Shane Waldron as their new offensive coordinator. Waldron has executed designed quarterback runs on 1.72% of plays over the past three seasons in Seattle. Additionally, Geno Smith has rushed on 8.9% of drop backs over the past two seasons.

Drake Maye, North Carolina - Title: Patriots

Jerod Mayo, the new head coach of the Patriots, has been accustomed to having pocket-passing quarterbacks throughout his time in New England. Maye could be the perfect candidate for the Patriots to invest in at quarterback. A first-round selection for the second time since 2001, the Patriots could use their top-10 pick on the talented but inconsistent Maye.

Jayden Daniels, LSU - Title: Commanders

While Daniels is mobile, his game is more about scrambling by necessity than by design. This matches him well with the Commanders, who recently hired Kliff Kingsbury as their offensive coordinator. Kingsbury has worked with mobile quarterbacks like Kyler Murray and Dak Prescott, so he could help Daniels utilize his mobility when needed. Additionally, Kingswell's exposure to Matthew Stafford and Kirk Cousins while offensive coordinator in Los Angeles will help mold what he's looking for in a franchise quarterback.

J.J. McCarthy, Michigan - Title: Vikings

McCarthy isn't a statue in the pocket, but he scrambles more by necessity than disposition. Good footwork and playing on time are priorities for McCarthy, which would serve him well in the Shanahan offense. Kevin O'Connell, the Vikings' head coach, spent two years as Sean McVay's offensive coordinator in Los Angeles. O'Connell's exposure to Stafford and Cousins will likely mold what he's looking for in a franchise quarterback.

Bo Nix, Oregon - Title: Broncos

Nix could be the perfect candidate for the Broncos to replace Russell Wilson. Nix has a good feel for pressure and does a good job manipulating the pocket to find clear pass lanes. He is comfortable reading defenses and exploiting mistakes. His ability to throw with touch to all levels of the field gives him a chance to succeed at the next level.

Michael Pratt, Tulane - Title: Giants

The Giants are likely to enter the 2024 draft with Daniel Jones under contract for at least another year. However, they could consider moving on from the former first-round pick in favor of a cheaper option. Pratt, ranked as the No. 7 quarterback, could be that option. He has a good feel for the pocket and can manipulate it to find clear passing lanes. He's comfortable reading defenses and exploiting mistakes, and his ability to throw with touch could be what gives him a shot at a starting role at the next level.

Spencer Rattler, South Carolina - Title: Raiders

The Raiders are heading for a split with Jimmy Garoppolo and could look for a more traditional pocket passer to compete with Aiden O'Connell. Rattler has a lot of experience behind new offensive line combinations. This would have him fit well with the Raiders' new coaching staff, which prefers a more traditional pocket passer.

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