Why Ro Khanna Might Be the Democrats' Best Hope for the Future

The rise of Ro Khanna

Ro Khanna is a congressman representing California's 17th District, encompassing parts of Silicon Valley. He was born in Philadelphia in 1974 and is the son of Indian immigrants who were part of the wave of new settlers granted entry to the U.S. by Lyndon Johnson's immigration act. He volunteered for Barack Obama's first presidential campaign and served in his administration before entering the private sector and then going into politics. He challenged and lost to longtime Rep. Mike Honda in 2014 but defeated him in the 2016 primary, making it to Congress at a strange time to arrive in Washington. Khanna earned some attention as a member of a record influx of Indian Americans elected to Congress, including Kamala Harris, Pramila Jayapal, and Raja Krishnamoorthi. Since taking office, he has made headlines by pushing for social spending increases, endorsing the Green New Deal, and earning attention as a steadfast voice against the Saudis' war in Yemen. He has also produced a privacy-focused "Internet Bill of Rights" for digital consumers.

The strategist of the future

Title: Why Ro Khanna Might Be the Democrats' Best Hope for the Future

Content: ## The strategist of the future

Khanna has also built up a network with Hollywood celebrities and has appeared on pretty much every network show from CNN to CNBC to Fox News to tout his brand of progressivism. On Fox, he even engaged with otherwise-reliable liberal enemies like Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and Chris Wallace. When it comes to media, Khanna is everywhere. He talks about any topic in any region and is frequently the one most prominently telegraphing Biden's underappreciated accomplishments, making an "affirmative" case for the Democrats in 2024. It's a delicate line he's straddling, but it's a strategy that might just pay off. Only time will tell.

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