Why the Lakers Should Want to Face the Nuggets in the First Round of Playoffs

The Denver Nuggets are a far superior team to the Los Angeles Lakers at the moment, and the history between the two teams shows a clear trend of Denver winning every time. With Gregg Popovich's San Antonio Spurs upsetting the Nuggets this season, it may have been an opportunity for the Lakers to face a more manageable team in the first round of the playoffs. However, the Lakers still have a chance to stumble upon a nuggets dilemma. Many suggest that the Lakers intentionally lose their play-in game against the Pelicans, which would set them up for a possible matchup against the Nuggets. While it may seem like the Lakers have no chance against the Nuggets, it could be a beneficial loss in the long run.

The Lakers have to face the Nuggets sooner or later if they want to compete for the championship, and this matchup gives them the chance to face them while they're at their healthiest. Additionally, the Lakers would be avoiding potential matchups against the Kings or Warriors, who have had recent success against them. While it may seem like a ridiculous idea to want to lose to a more challenging opponent, the long-term benefits of learning and adapting from the loss could be more important than securing a more manageable first-round matchup.

This Lakers team has shown glimpses of being a more well-rounded unit, but they still have significant weaknesses that need addressing. If the Lakers were to somehow win against the Nuggets, it would provide a false sense of confidence that wouldn't help them in the long run. Instead, learning from a loss and realizing the changes needed to become a more competitive team would be more beneficial.

Ultimately, the Lakers' window of opportunity to win a championship is slowly closing due to their aging stars, and it's essential to realize that changes need to be made. Facing and learning from a loss to a superior team like the Nuggets could be a necessary step for future improvement.

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