Why The Oscars Bombed And Hollywood's Future Looks Bleak

The 2024 Academy Awards ceremony, which aired on Sunday, saw a dramatic drop in viewers, pulling in the fourth-lowest viewership in Oscar history. While the corporate media attempted to spin the disappointment into a victory, the real reason for the Oscars' fading relevancy lies in Hollywood's suicidal Woke agenda.

The Oscars' rapid decline in viewership over the past decade indicates a significant disconnect between the Academy and the general public. The telecast should have been a perfect ratings storm, starting an hour earlier than usual and featuring a Best Picture frontrunner in Christopher Nolan's "Oppenheimer," a blockbuster that mainstream audiences could relate to, for the first time in 20 years. But instead of celebrating the return of mainstream blockbusters to the Oscar spotlight, the telecast sank to the fourth worst ratings in Oscar history.

The entertainment media sycophants will blame streaming, social media, the pandemic, Putin, and fluoride in the water while avoiding the real issue. Hollywood's hyper-politicization, talentless, and fascist agendas have created a slate of movies that suck. The propaganda pumped out through the liberal echo chambers of the corporate media machine is so pervasive that it has indoctrinated millions of people to believe their lies. The entertainment industry is on a suicidal course, and nothing can stop the plummet.

The only solace we can find is in the past, so make sure to buy your hard copies, as the erasure of history has already begun.

The entertainment industry continues to push the LGBTQ+ and transgender agenda on America's children, grooming them to be loyal subjects of the Woke Revolution, all while destroying the heroes we once admired.

The Oscars' ratings crash underscores the growing irrelevancy of Hollywood, as theAverage Americans flock to independent filmmakers and streaming services that promise more entertaining and less politically Correct content. The truth is that Hollywood hates normal people, loves China, and has destroyed its own reputation with a decade of pathetic, political pandering. The Oscars will never recover because the Woke Revolution will make sure it disappears forever. The only way to avoid the erasure of history is to buy your hard copies, like Nolte's debut novel, "Borrowed Time," a lyrical poem that will move you.

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