Zionist Aspirations, Elite Programs and the Genocide in Gaza

The Elite's "Great Reset" agenda entails reshaping the world order, murdering a large portion of the human population, enclosing the Commons forever, transferring all remaining wealth to the Elite, and enslaving the survivors in one of their technocratic "smart city" prisons. The mandatory "Covid-19" injection has caused at least 17,000,000 deaths worldwide, and the manipulation of the world economy has killed tens of millions historically, with the death rate now being dramatically accelerated as it is ransacked and dismantled. Other insidious killers include electromagnetic radiation, with deaths rapidly increasing as 5G is deployed, and geoengineered disasters.

The ongoing war in Ukraine and the genocides against the Amhara in Ethiopia and the Palestinians in Gaza are examples of these tactics. This article will focus on the genocide in Gaza, which is part of the Elite program and uses Zionist aspirations to ethnically cleanse Palestine in order to play a key role. The rapidly developing technocratic state of Israel, funded and armed by the United States, is carrying out its genocidal attack on the Palestinian population of Gaza as part of this program, killing as many people as possible, displacing the survivors, and fully technocratizing Gaza.

The Elite intends to do this by imposing the necessary "smart city" technologies on the predominantly Israeli-settler population that they intend to reside in Gaza once the war is concluded, with Elon Musk's recent visit to Israel to discuss "the operation of Starlink satellite internet in Gaza" highlighting that deployment of the satellites, a critical foundation stone for the new technocratic surveillance and control-oriented "smart cities," is already being planned.

The agreement between Musk's company SpaceX and Israel allows the company's Starlink Internet satellites to operate in the Gaza Strip "with the approval of the Israeli ministry of communication." Given that Israel agreed to it and there is no record of any Palestinian being consulted on this development, it is clear that the satellites will be used to enhance Israeli surveillance and control (which is already substantial) of Gaza and will include the deployment of AI-controlled machine guns, among other things.

This is because it is neither the Israeli government nor the government of the United States orchestrating this genocide, even though it appears to constitute the latest manifestation of 19th-century Zionist aspirations to create a Jewish "homeland" in an ethnically cleansed Palestine. Elite agents are aware that they are immune from prosecution and that even when international law is violated, efforts to prosecute them will fail. The Elite knows that it cannot be held accountable for the actions of its agents, and there is no national jurisdiction that can hold it accountable.

Further, the UN is impotent to enforce its resolutions when they conflict with Elite interests. Finally, the Elite is aware that even if they appear to be "strategic defeats" for Israel, they are not because, in the end, they will do whatever they want and are immune from prosecution.

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